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30 Min Treatment with Al Perry

A certificate that can be used at any time in the future for bodywork from AlPerry

Qigong Healing Bodywork 45 Min

Get energy flowing and reduce pain. Understand your issues, their causes, and solutions. Realize the best version of yourself.

Red Light Therapy - 10 - 30 minute sessions

10 - 20 Min sessions of healing Red Light Therapy

Black Friday Gifts

3 treatment pack (45 min each)

3 pack of the Ultimate gift of Health. A session with Al Perry to mitigate body pain, clear emotional blockages and balance your energy.

Live Life Fulfilled

Live Life Fulfilled - Online Course Only

per month for 3 months ($999.00 total)
6 Pillar Course
36 life-changing lessons in a six week course
that empower you to Live Life Fulfilled!

Live Life Fulfilled with weekly coaching

Change Your Mindset by Changing How Your Brain Works!

The Live Life Fulfilled process is much more than education and theories. By tapping into the ancient healing practice of Qigong, we hack the brain's learning process to grow new neuron clusters called dendrites.

This in turn helps you manifest the life you were truly born to live, an authentic life of joy and abundance!

Quantum Qigong

Personalized Qigong Practice

Qigong is a Mystical Practice

With the proper mindset, Qigong is a tool you can use to transform your health, your mindset, and your life!

Qigong get’s you in touch with your Energy Body.

This is who we really are.

Our physical body is simply a vehicle that allows us to experience life through our senses.

By accessing your Energy Body, you can manifest real and lasting changes in your life!

However, we are all unique. We experience life differently and see life from our unique perspectives.

There you need a practice that is personalized.

This is the greatest gift I can give to you.

Self Care

Self Care Masterclass

This class is live. One day a week for 2 hours, and you’ll have access to online support material in between classes and afterwards. Each Week is and essential topic to understanding your body and how to keep yourself well and pain free.

I’ll also have partnering tools, so it’ll be great for couples, or those who also want to help their families stay well and pain free. The course contains the following:

Week 1: The 5 phases of Medical Qigong - Our connection with Nature

Week 2: Body/Mind Connection - Upgrading Your Mindset

Week 3: Energy Anatomy - Understanding Chakras, Meridians and Energy Fields

Week 4: Pain and It's Message - Body - Mind - Emotions Integration

Week 5: Connective tissue - Self stretches, lengthening and partner stretching

Week 6: Tools for Self Care - Your Home Toolkit and How To Use Them